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Transforming vehicles with precision and style.

Dream Pluse KSA, your ultimate destination for comprehensive engineering, design, conversion, and customization services for your vehicles.

Dream Pulse KSA was founded in 2023 to meet the increasing demand for medical and special vehicle conversions, with a strong collaboration with the Asian Polyclinic Group., has expanded our expertise into the realm of vehicle specialization to meet the high demand. We offer a comprehensive range of engineering, designing, conversion, and customization services for wheels under one roof. Our experienced crew and advanced facilities ensure precise modifications that align with your vehicle’s needs. 

By closely collaborating with clients, we gain insights into their requirements and operational conditions, enabling us to deliver customized vehicles tailored to their exact specifications. With our specialization in custom modifications and a vast production facility, we have established ourselves as a leading vehicle converter in the KSA. Our branches in the KSA maintain continuous communication with clients, ensuring seamless service delivery before and after the sales.

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"Engineering Excellence: Pioneering Top-Quality Innovations."

“We proudly offer a comprehensive warranty covering both the vehicle and the conversion materials, ensuring your peace of mind and satisfaction throughout your ownership experience.”

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Customize Your Vehicle's Look

There are various types of vehicle modifications available, ranging from simple cosmetic changes to extensive performance upgrades. Here are some common vehicle modifications:

“Body kits include adding or replacing components such as front and rear bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, and fender flares. These changes aim to improve aerodynamics and enhance the vehicle’s visual appeal.”

Engine tuning and remapping involve altering the vehicle’s engine management system with the aim of enhancing performance, boosting power output, or refining fuel efficiency.

Upholstery and Seat Covers: Enhance comfort and aesthetics by either replacing or customizing the interior fabric, or by adding seat covers.

“Enhance your auditory experience by elevating your sound system with aftermarket upgrades such as speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and head units.”

Always seek guidance from experts who specialize in vehicle modifications and follow proper legal and safety protocols.

Enhancing your vehicle’s monitoring capabilities: Introducing extra gauges or digital displays for tracking engine performance metrics.

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Vehicle owners often modify their cars, trucks, motorcycles, or other vehicles to suit their specific needs, preferences, or desired style

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“Our partner Factory’s vehicle conversions have been widely embraced by prominent industries such as Aramco, MOH, Neom, and others, solidifying our position as a trusted and dependable provider of top-notch vehicle conversion solutions.”